“Jacolly have a gift for making everyone in the workshop feel so special and involved with the wonderful world of puppetry !”

Sue Dobinson, ex London Inspector of Schools.

Designing, painting, acting and mime are just a few of the skills needed to be a puppeteer, but a good puppet workshop can stimulate even the most inexperienced students to create unusual and exciting puppet shows and discover hidden talents.

 We lead workshops for both children and adults, on a range of puppetry- making & performing techniques. Lengths of workshop vary:  from 90 mins. to several weeks.   However, all puppet-making sessions have in common that they begin with a fun demonstration of the techniques involved and end with everyone using the puppets they have just made to put on a show.

Workshops can be linked to a specific topic.

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  • Puppet workshops are perfect for creatively developing almost any subject in school!
  • Experience of making & performing your own puppets can build self-confidence
  • Build skills in language & literacy
  • Art and drama.
  • Design technology