Showtime Plus
puppetry demonstration

“The feedback was brilliant. Mrs Martyn, the Head, thought it was great!” 
Highweek Primary School, Newton Abbot, Devon.

It is amazing how entertaining puppets can be just showing off how they are worked, but it is even more intruiging when you have seen a performance first.
Sessions can be tailored to suit age & (puppetry) interests of audience but favourite combinations are:~ 

For KS1 a slightly shortened Dogworthy show followed by a short demonstration of all the main forms of puppetry.
For KS2 (or for KS1 & 2 together) a shorter Dogworthy adaptation or an extract from Real Bugs (see Shadow Workshops) launch a fuller introduction to Rod, Hand, String & Shadow puppet theatre. 


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  • Information sheets provided on all puppet types demonstrated

  • Audience size: ideally max 150 • Duration: 60 – 75 mins
  • Performance area: for Dogworthy-based presentations minimum 2.2m x 2.2m & wall area to hang shadow screen; when presentations shadow show-based 5m wide x 4m deep
  • Help carrying equipment may be needed when steps involved
  • Minimum preparation time: 60 mins. before show; 40 mins. afterwards.
  • A darkened hall always ideal for best dramatic effect but, of course, essential when shadow theatre included