Shadow Workshops
with overhead projectors
Shadow Workshops

“The project was really creative and the end performance was excellent. I was particularly impressed that, throughout the week, all children were totally motivated”
Ann Carter, Head Teacher, Duloe Primary School, Cornwall

Projecting images with an overhead projector provides a way to put on a life-size play, as colourful & fantastic as you like, just from small pieces of card, paper, plastic and special pens: wonderful dramatic potential from minimal time and cost of materials

Workshops usually start with a short performance, demonstrating the kind of effects which can be achieved, after which we explain the techniques used to create them. Depending on the age and number of those involved, everyone then makes a puppet or divides into groups to create and perform short shows of their own.

Anyone able to use scissors can make simple shadow characters and scenery. Older children and adults can employ the greater variety of movements of multi-jointed puppets and more sophisticated scenery with wonderful scope for special effects.
The longer the workshop, however, the more opportunity for exploring theatrical effects, developing subtleties of construction and movement, and devising, creating and rehearsing a polished performance.

A favourite way to launch the workshops is with a mini drama starring insects. That does not mean that sessions have to be about bugs, though: they can be linked to just about any topic you choose.


Past topics have included:~

  • Circuses
  •  Images of a Future World: projecting positive hopes and plans
  •  Development and use of fossil fuels
  • Interpreting / enjoying local environment (with the National Trust)



For adults and children aged 7+ • Duration: min. 2.5 hrs • Participants per session: max. 30 • A well darkened room is essential.