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“It was wonderful!   James adored it!”
James’ Mum

Mousie lives in a box ~ together with all the things she keeps to rummage through for performing with. That usually means getting the wheels of the bus to start the action rolling and everyone joining in.  Mice ~ as everyone knows ~ tend to squeak more than speak and only have very tiny hands, so it’s a good thing that her human friend, Jac, is there as squeak-interpreter and helper.
Meet Teddy the Bear (fond of picnics, disguises, singing & snoozing) and all the puppets who come along to illustrate the odd nursery tale.  In fact, they probably aren’t any odder than the ones you already know; but be prepared to hear the stories behind them you might not have heard before.
The songs sung and the tales told can vary:  with enough notice, the Mousery team might even be able to prepare any favourite rhymes or stories you request. What you can expect is a gentle entertainment of live music to sing along with, ventriloquism ~ of sorts ~  and puppetry for the very young.  


For ages 3-6 • Audience size: max 75 • The show lasts about 40 mins • Performance area: 1.80m deep X 3m wide (& 1m x 1m at back of room for light stand) • Help carrying equipment, please, when steps involved • Preparation time: 45 mins. before show; 35 mins. afterwards • A darkened hall gives best dramatic effect