Dogworthy's Magic Showtime
For children ages 3-8 and their families


Dogworthy, the talking dog, loves to entertain with his magic, singing and dancing ~ and with his own miniature Punch & Judy show. As a magician he is rather accident-prone, and Baby certainly does not help, but his tricks have always come out right in the end ... well, at least, they have so far ...

'Dogworthy’s Magic Showtime’ had me laughing more than was good for me … Showtime is a comedy format, with Holly urging Dogworthy to show off his skills … which gives rise to a great deal of comic situations. Holly is his (dogtalk) interpreter and, in time-honoured fashion, his mis-interpreter for the audience. Timing, inventiveness, variety and fun make this an ideal show to lift the spirits. It is a breath of fresh air..."
Penny Francis, Animations

A convincing performance by a charismatic puppet"
James Grant, Little Angel Theatre, London

Showtime at the Little Angel

Recommended maximum audience size: 150
Recommended audience age: 3-8
The show lasts about 45 mins

Technical Requirements

A minimum performance area of 2.2m x 2.2m.
2 x 13-amp power points.
The best effects will be obtained if the hall is darkened
(eg. with curtains or paper over windows).
Sole use of hall 45 mins before show begins in order to prepare,
during show and 30 mins. afterwards to clear away.
Help carrying equipment before and after show is appreciated when the get-in is long,
and essential when steps are involved, please.

Punch & Judy
Baby is Trouble
Showtime has absolutely
no Curriculum
ambitions! But, of
course, it can
always be booked
together with a
Demonstration as a
way to introduce
puppetry to young