Corporate Workshops
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Corporate Workshops

“An effective way to bring achievement, creativity and team-building to staff without the traditional business-planning techniques”
Giles Berry, Lawyer

For creative professional development.
The experience of devising, making, rehearsing and performing a show can be a team-enhancing one. We cannot promise that the process of putting a show together is always easy but it does lend wonderful opportunity for combining creative time out together with the galvanizing challenges and rewards of performance.
It is a chance for inspiring fun: stimulating, out-of-the-box activity with potential for:~

  • Developing presentation skills / engaging an audience
  • Achieving a shared goal
  • Specific storytelling e.g. envisioning company’s future
  • A fresh way to address some of the issues in the workplace such as time management, delegation and communication skills. (Performing via a puppet can free performers to voice opinions otherwise hard to express.)

A day is just long enough for everyone to be involved in creating and performing short shows. Using the technique to treat your brief in greater depth, though, might make a longer workshop more appropriate.

Courses can take place at your business (as long as there is suitable workspace and a good blackout) or ~ whether for a day or a residential ~ we would aim to find you a venue just right for you (and we know of some delightful venues in the West Country).

See Shadow workshops page for more details of what is involved