Bringing Puppets to Life
performance skills
Bringing Puppets To Life

Jacolly brought a lively, innovative approach to the students’ training. The class got a real feel for the value of puppet work … and also developed their own creativity and confidence”
NNEB Tutor, Plymouth College of Further Education

For anyone wanting to develop puppet performance skills, these sessions are tailored to suit the needs of each group involved but the usual format runs like this:~

Introduction to the basic different types of puppet animation: string, rod, shadow & glove. Everyone is given a chance to play with puppets from each type then practice the central puppet performance techniques of:~
Focus (I think therefore I look)
Finding & projecting your puppet’s voice.


For Teachers
Increase your skills at animating puppets and build your confidence to make puppets your favourite classroom allies.
Explore the roles a puppet can play to be an effective teaching aid.
If you have not engaged a puppet to assist you in class yet, the session will help clarify how you will want that puppet to move and look.
If you already use a puppet in class, the session is a chance to develop its teaching skills still further by learning how to best bring it to life.
Supported by take-home tips on puppet-handling.