Astra & The Waste Monster
Saving Energy & caring for our planet. For ages 8-11


“… a central part of our awareness raising activities for 8 to 11 year olds in Dorset. This is a powerful and exciting drama that really motivates children to take energy waste seriously.” 
Mike Petitdemange, Sustainable Property Team, Dorset County Council 

This highly-acclaimed sci-fi production was originally commissioned by Devon County Council to alert children to the environmental dangers of wasting energy. It aims to give incentive to rethinking our relationship with our planet and to seeing every act of energy-saving as a positive stand against its destruction.

In 2011, with support from Dartmoor National Park, the play was recreated as a dramatically new multi-media telling of the Astra story, combining interactive live puppetry and ultraviolet effects with filmed puppetry and animation.


Because of its size and for best dramatic effect, the “live” show has primarily been toured by local authorities for audiences of junior schoolchildren to see in public venues. The show is still available in this form for block-bookings of two weeks or more. But plans ~ and funding hunt ~ are now underway to develop an entirely digital version which schools could access directly.


For ages 8-11 • Audience size: max 200 •  Duration about 60 mins & optional question time  •   Performance area:  3.5m deep x 4.5m wide x 2.5m high   •   Help carrying equipment when steps involved •  Preparation time:  minimum 2hrs before & 90 mins. after show  •  Blackout essential. 




Main topics:

· Electricity

· Water

· Sustainability

· Wasting versus necessity

· Formation, collection & uses of fossil fuel

· Ideas / power of thought

· Food chains (Life Processes & Living Things)

· Global Citizenship

· Saving energy

· Environmental change


Also included:

· Photosynthesis

· Alternative energy

· Climate change

· Greenhouse effect